Zoé – notes on the bare life’  was presented at Festival Oriente Occidente the 30 of August!
We thank our partners and the warm public!
We received many beautiful feedbacks and after that we left with enthusiasm to Brussels for a new step of creation at Les Brigantines, that was just wonderful .
The quintet is almost ready to premiere and the show will than take the title of
‘Zoé – Writings on the bare Life’.

Looking forward to comunicate the dates of 2020!
more infos here

photo credits Vanities (made during the residency at Arminia – Castiglioncello)
Zoé – Notes on the bare life

Zoé – notes on the bare life, is the construction of a space in which a small community of bodies is brought back to the zero degree of life. A space for ‘reflection’ on the body and on existence that in its nakedness is offered to the human, animal, depersonalized, headless gaze. These “notes” are therefore a treatment of a theme that the collective memory and consciences of today are called to interpret. An affirmation of existence that finds in performative art the maximum place of expression. 
Concept and choreography: Luna Cenere
Dancers: Ilaria Quaglia, Davide Tagliavini, Daria Menichetti, Lucas Delfino, Luna Cenere.
Original Music: Grerard Valverde Ros, Mika Vainio
Light design: Gianni Staropoli
Production Körper Compagnia | Festival Oriente Occidente
Duration : 40 min

with the support of ResiDance XL 2018 – luoghi e progetti residenza per creazioni coreografiche, azione della Rete Anticorpi XL – Network Giovane Danza D’autore, coordinata da L’Arboreto – Teatro Dimora di Mondaino

Management and distribution: Domenico Garofalo


Luna received the award as Talent of the Campania Region from the prestigious ‘Premio Positano’ 
We thank very much the artistic director Laura Valente and the jury for this unforgettable experience!
more infos here


TWIN was presented at Festival Contemporanea in Prato, 
and that was the last date for this year of this project. We still keep the form of short a work in progress and wait for the future evolution!


KOKORO is one of the shows selected by the NID PLATFORM 2019
Today at 20.00 and tomorrow at 12.00 will be presented in a site specific version at Palazzo Mosto , Reggio Emilia.

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Genealogia – Project of choerografic research

Next step at Annibal Caro Theatre with the support of Amat as partner of Residence XL .

We are going to meet the locals and work together for 10 days!
Doors open to the public the 26th of October!

Check the call online and our calendar and join us!

more infos here

The concept of this project lives in its title: GENEA ‘generation’ LOGIA from ‘logos’, speech.

The research is rooted in understanding the body not as a “full”, a space filled, but an open space, a landscape, a place.

“Bodies are places of existence and there is no existence without place, without a there, without a” here “. (J.N.)

“Through physical experiences in the context of an empirical research space, I would like to put in crisis and test the limit of our thinking on the body. Grasp the dimension of the invisible whose body and space are made of, make the contact visible and create a timeless landscape. Generate a thought that can become body.”

Luna Cenere
The aim of this project is to create a community that shares the same body-language through the experience of the work made in each city, and to create a piece that can be joined by all the people that made the research with the artist within the workshops that she is leading in different places. 

photo credits Dario Bonazza – From the residency at Teatro Petrella, Longiano






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