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”Twin” is the first step of process. A fragment part of a broader research, whose main focus is the binomial theme ‘Nature’ and ‘Technology’. The research for this solo begins with a reflection on the relationship between the body and the contemporary machine (technological apparatus) and is substantiated in the artistic encounter between the dancer Luna Cenere and the visual artist Gilles Dubroca. The two artists in this process ask themselves in what way the physical and visual elements enter into communication and what is the form of dialogue that is established and rebuilt with each new ‘revolution’. How to identify this interaction whose traces are emerging on the body and in the mind, and how to observe the consequent change in our perception of reality. In this work the two artists present an “Immersive” reality on stage, crossing and reworking historical and theoretical quotations on digital art.

//Choreography and concept by Luna Cenere
//Visual by Gilles Dubroca
//Music by Gerard Valverde
//Coproduction of Ariella Vidach – AiEP – Helicopter Adventures Products
with the CRT Foundation Theater Research Center / Teatro Dell’Arte.


We are happy and glad to announce that TWIN
has been selected by the Network Anticorpi XL to be part of the
 Festival Ammutinamenti 2018 !


See you the 13th of September in Ravenna!

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