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‘Kokoro’ is a single Japanese word that we can translate as ‘inner self’ but that literally embraces two words, which are ‘mind’ and ‘heart’.
The solo is a personal research of the ‘unicity of the self’. An inner journey that became physic path through the space. The naked body, with it’s specific architecture, is exposed, transfigured, becoming a poetic medium; letting emerge elements that belongs to an imaginary word. These images as roots of a collective consciousness , sublimate in a personal story that becomes, through the scene, a collective experience.


“Moving with sustained precision, she takes on sculptural, organic shapes. Spider fingers creep across the landscape of her back, while sounds of wind and stones call sand dunes to mind. Larva-like, she writhes on the floor, longing for metamorphosis, but when she rises to her feet the solo loses some focus and intensity”
– Review, Aerowaves –

Review, Campadidanza (Italian)

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//Choreographed and performed by Luna Cenere

//Music by Gerard Valverde

//Light designer Gaetano Battista

//Production Körper. Collaboration to the production Virgilio Sieni/National Center of Production


Selected by :

Aerowaves Twenty18 Artist. Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore – Azione del Network Anticorpi XL coordinata dall’Associazione Cantieri. ‘DNA – Appunti Coreografici’ Giovani Coreografi Italiani 2016, Romaeuropa.

Winner of : 

Prize for the Choreography by SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Dance Showcase 2017  ’Residanza – La casa della nuova coreografia 2015 – CUNAE – Nuove Generazioni di artisti – Pratiche e processi per il ricambio generazionale dei giovani talenti 2015/2017 -Movimento Danza- MIBACT.’

LET’S TALK DANCE! Watch the Meet the Makers interview;




12.06.2017 – Festival Marosi (Stromboli, Italy)

04.07.2017 – FIDCDMX, (Mexico City)

16.08.2017 – Festival Ammutinamenti (Ravenna, Italy)

30.11.2017 – Monday Dance Festival (Naples, Italy)

03.11.2017 – Festival La Democrazia Del Corpo (Florence, Italy)

02.12.2017 – Festival Exister (Milan, Italy)

10.12.2017 – Festival A Maglie Larghe (Palo Del Colle, Italy)

16.12.2017 – Ferrara Off (Ferrara, Italy) 


25.03.2018 – Spring Forward (Sofia, Bulgaria) 

24>25.04.2018 – Bora Bora (Aarhus, Denmark)

22.05.2018 – Festival Interplay (Turin, Italy)

25.05.2018 – Festival Ipercorpo (Forlì, Italy) 

06.06.2018 DEEP Festival (Livorno, Italy)

26.06.2018 Festival Natura Dei Teatri (Parma, Italy)

14.07.2018 – Kilowatt Festival (Sansepolcro, Italy)

25.07.2018 – Bolzano Danza (Bolzano, Italy)

20.10.2018 – Romaeuropa Fesival (Rome, Italy)

04.11.2018 – FIND Festival (Cagliari, Italy)

9.11.2018 – Festival Interferenze (Teramo, Italy)

11.11.2018 – Testimonianze Ricerca Azioni (Genova, Italy)

Will be performed at:

20.01.2019 Spazio ZUT (Foligno, Italy)

31.01.2019 Spanski Borci (Lubiana, Slovenia)

18.04.2019 Serata Expo – Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata (Pesaro, Italia) 

24.04.2019 Conformazioni Festival (Palermo Italy)

03.05.2019 Festival Prospettiva Nevskij (Bisceglie, Italy)

12.06.2019 DanzaEstate Festival (Bergamo, Italy)

21.09.2019 Supercinema (Tuscania, Italy)

06.10.2019 Festival Teen Dance (Lantina , Italy)

09.12.2018 Ostrava Festival (Ostrava, Czech Republic) 







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